Man gets restraining order from Catholic schools and churches


AUSTIN, Minn – A Montana man is no longer allowed around Austin catholic churches and schools after posting threatening YouTube videos.

Matthew Janes has been to Austin and had received some support from some of the Catholic agencies in town.

That was until the Diocese of Winona discovered threatening videos on his YouTube page. So, they have filed a restraining order, which school leaders say was the right move.

“Without creating a culture of fear, we have to utilize the technology and the communication to work together to make everybody safer,” said Jim Hamburge, President of Pacelli Catholic Schools. He said they recently installed some cameras and other security measures, but they are not done yet. “We intend to do more and more cameras and increased security measures, but as we’ve learned, there’s a limit to how far you can go to make yourself secure,” Hamburge said. He said they first found out about the videos through the Austin Police Department, which he said is quite common.

The Diocese said Janes never made direct threats to Austin churches or schools, but there was enough to take these measures.

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