Mayor Brede would like ban on e-cigarettes

E-cigarette ban

ROCHESTER, Minn. – With the legislation nearly dead in the state legislature, Rochester Mayor Ardell Brede says he might move forward with a city ban on e-cigarettes.

The electronic devices give the person smoking nicotine but also emits a vapor. It’s been a hot topic for many months now at the state capitol in St. Paul. Some lawmakers believe the devices should go under the Minnesota Clean Air Act, which would basically ban the use in public places. That’s something the Mayor of Rochester would be on board with.

“I think the simple thing, and not even get hung up on whether it’s healthy or not at this point. Just the image and everything else there, I think we should just follow the Minnesota Clean Air Act and whatever it says. You can’t smoke so we should also include those. Be done with it from that standpoint, ” Mayor Ardell Brede said.

The legislative session wraps up on Monday.

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