New ideas for an old building


BRITT, Ia –  Discussions concerning the restoration of a vintage building are beginning in Britt.

Former mayor, Jim Nelson led a meeting earlier this week to gauge the community’s interest in restoring the old bank building and the building next to it.

One topic of discussion was what type of business will move in.

Some ideas include a hotel, apartment buildings, or a restaurant.

While many community members are interested, others question if it’s worth restoring.

Nelson says they really need the community support to be able to move forward.

“We need people that are willing to invest for one thing. We need the city to be part of it. You know, if we can show the city that there are people that want to do this, then hopefully the city will come in and help a little bit,” says Nelson.

The next steps for this project include forming a committee and getting the paperwork going to establish a non-profit organization, so more tax credits and grants become available to them.

We’re told the conversation about this building will be continued in the coming weeks.

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