Stepping up on storage unit security

Cracking down on storage unit security

MASON CITY, Iowa – There have been a number of incidents we have been following this year that all involve one common element; storage units.

Earlier this year, just before Christmas, a woman from Austin had all of her Christmas presents stolen from her storage locker.

We have also been bringing you coverage of the Waseca teen, John Ladue, who according to police had an in-depth plan to commit murder, and his plan unfolded in the quiet confines of a storage unit.

It’s a story many people have been talking about including Monroe Storage manager Joanne Pearce. Being in the business, she couldn’t help but be shocked when she heard the story unfold, but says she feels confident in the security measures that are taken at her business. “We patrol the area nightly.” she says,  “My brother comes through, my dad comes through you know, with our locks being so secure we feel like were pretty good out here.” Tight security and well lit areas are their keys to success, but it’s definitely not something they tackle alone.

Officials with the Mason City Police Department say they regularly patrol around storage facilities to make sure they can properly take care of any suspicious activity that they might see going on. Capt. Mike McKelvey says that while many lockers in our area are well secured, some are not and need extra attention. I’m sure there’s other things too but, usually stolen property and some type of drug manufacturing would probably be the two most common complaints,” McKelvey says.

However, complaints can only happen when there is something to complain about and Pearce says she asks each and everyone of their tenants what they plan to store and believes that is the key to keeping her facility safe and secure.

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