Dayton signs ‘kill switch’ bill into law

Cell phone problems Hampton, IA

KIMT News 3 – Technology is constantly changing, but smartphones are soon going to need another feature to be sold in Minnesota.

Governor Mark Dayton signed a bill into law this week requiring that they must have a “kill switch” for anti-theft purposes.

It would allow someone to remotely disable their smartphones if lost or stolen, making it useless.

“Health information has gotten stolen from hospitals, and businesses need these kind of kill switches in their phones as well as consumers. Social security numbers can be stored on there and such,” said Lee Jesse, owner of Technology 9 in Albert Lea.

If you find it, it would then require specific information about the phone, serial numbers and more to reactivate it.

“It requires that you have proof that you own the phone and you can also pull up your IMEI, and that is an electronic serial number,” Jesse said.

The law would take effect on phones sold after July 1, 2015.

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