Lawmakers strike deal on marijuana


KIMT News 3 – At the beginning of the month Iowa lawmakers passed a bill legalizing a form of medical marijuana.

Thursday, Minnesota lawmakers have done the same, becoming the 22nd state to legalize some form of the drug.

The bill is a compromise of the House’s restrictive version of the bill and a pretty broad Senate version.

The bill is said to allow two manufacturers that could grow the drugs and have eight distribution centers. It would be available in pill, oil or vapor form. There would be no access to the leaf or plant form and smoking it is not allowed.

Local legislators have some mixed reactions.

“It’s fairly tight, certainly the governor engaged in that early, that he wanted to see it be a tight bill allowing for knowing who was having access to it,” said State Rep. Jeanne Poppe, DFL-Austin.

“If this bill calls for that type of rigorous, FDA approved, clinical study that all medications go through, than I could be in favor of it,” said State Sen. Carla Nelson, R-Rochester.

Governor Mark Dayton had asked lawmakers to move on the issue and they did. He said he will sign the bill into law.


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