Pregnant while driving


MASON CITY, Iowa – A new study about the safety of pregnant women behind the wheel shows an increased risk if getting into a car accident.

According to a Canadian study, pregnant women run a 42% increased risk of being in a crash. This mostly pertains to women in their second trimester. The suggestion is that the changes they experience in hormones and the distractions of life increase the risk.

Drive Wise Program Coordinator, Becky Rother says women need to be extra careful at this time in life.

“Pregnant women are distracted internally because you have the baby that could shift, could kick; also your emotions are all over the place.  Then you have the external distractions like the cell phone because you’re in a hurry, need to call somebody, need to make an appointment,” said Rother.

Rother says to cut all distractions as much as possible while driving.

She also says make sure to wear that seatbelt.




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