Remembering those we’ve lost


KIMT News 3 – As with any memorial, emotions run high as friends and families gather to see the powerful images and sounds of September 11, 2001.

Today’s 9/11 Museum dedication in New York City, pays tribute to the nearly 3,000 men and women who lost their lives that day.

More than 400 of which were local law enforcement or emergency responders.

Whether they were firefighters, police, or EMTs, first responders today say they carry the memories of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty.

“It was a horrific loss of life in a hostile aggressive act against innocent people and all the responders who placed themselves in such great danger,” said Dep. Chief Steven Belau.

Families gathered to share memories as the walls were lined with artifacts and mementos from that day.

Photos, videos and even audio recordings of voicemails left for relatives highlight the many exhibits within the museum at ground zero.

Some say the images can be hard to stomach as memories of those lost are shared.

Days like this one may even impact the grieving process, but an area grief counselor says, it’s this memory that can also be helpful.

“I think everybody grieves uniquely. Everybody grieves in their own way and for some people who maybe too much. When it’s something that I can go to and I can select what I want to see, what I want to look at or what I want to listen to, I think that makes more sense,” said Dr. Jim Anastasi of Anastasi Counseling Services.

The 110,000 square foot museum is located within the heart of ground zero.

It features all the names of victims of both the attacks of September 11, 2001 as well as those who lost their lives in the first threat back in 1993.

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