Albert Lea Lake receives $50,000 grant


ALBERT LEA, Minn. – A southern Minnesota lake is proving to be very popular. Thanks to fan votes on Facebook, Albert Lea Lake is receiving $50,000 for a new project.

Last year, Michelob Golden Light held a contest to see which state lake would receive a conservation grant, to be used to keep the lake clean and clear.

$50,000 is going towards a soft-launch area called Golden Point Launch.

“We do plan to provide access to non-motorized water crafts like kayaks, canoes, paddle boards; and the project is actually going to be a shoreline restoration as well. It was a $50,000 grant for conservation, so of course that’s the most important piece of this,” says Laura Lunde, President of the Lakes Foundation.

The goal is to have the launch finished by August of this year.

“The community has been rallying for years to support the lakes and without them, we couldn’t do things like this. It’s what we want to be known for, it’s our identity, so people are just so willing to get involved and make it happen,” she adds

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