Hearing tunes Downtown


MASON CITY, Iowa – Walking down Mason City, you may start to hear a few tunes this summer.

Each year, Mason City area students work on a community impact project as part of their yield program, and this year the focus is on “Tunes for The Town”.

Refurbished, donated pianos are now scattered throughout town for public use. The piano project is modeled after similar projects in big cities around the country.

Students helped to organize the project along with help from the Mason City Chamber.

They say this was a great way to learn how to see a community project to the end.

“Our class was nearly divided with some members favoring a bike rental project that would be consistent with the Blue Zones project efforts and others who wanted to focus on Mason City’s musical heritage. In the end we reached an agreement and we all worked hard to turn this idea into a reality,” said Elijah Warfield, YIELD student organizer.

In total, four pianos are now located throughout Mason City.

One in Music Man Square, and the other three on Federal Avenue in the plaza, in Central Park near the transit center and near the new KCMR radio.

Area businesses have also volunteered to sponsor the pianos in order to protect them when climate becomes an issue.

To cover the issue of securing these pianos, they have also been secured down with a lock.

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