Hunting options for those with disabilities


KIMT News 3 – Thousands of hunters hit area lakes and woods each year for the thrill of the chase and the outdoors. That is still an option for those with disabilities.

The Minnesota DNR is constantly working to make their wildlife management areas and other public hunting grounds more handicap accessible.

“The DNR would like everybody to be able to enjoy our outdoor activities such as fishing and hunting, and they’ve worked a lot in recent years to make those activities more accessible to people with disabilities,” said Conservation Officer Luke Belgard with the Minnesota DNR.

There are also special permits and discounted licenses to encourage them to get out there. In some cases, certain hunters with documented disabilities are exempt from specific rules.

“It’s a great experience, especially for people that love the outdoors and it’s a good experience for us too to see some of those people that like to do it but physically just aren’t able to sometimes and if we can make that happen for them it’s a good feeling,” Belgard said.

If you are interested in finding out more information on the special permits and licenses visit the DNR’s website.

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