Celebrating our heroes

Celebrating our military heroes

AUSTIN, Minn. – On Saturday, across the nation, folks celebrated veterans, military personnel and fallen heroes.

Armed Forces Day has been a recognized as a national holiday since 1949, and folks from across the Austin area headed to the VFW for a day of remembrance and fun.

The 9th Annual Classic Car Show kicked off the day as cars from a number of decades, makes and models were on display for the general public to see.

While the combination of classic cars and the holiday might not seem like the most logical pairing, it’s something veteran Norman Hecimovich says is the perfect way to acknowledge the past.

“I think it’s about the vintage,” he says, “when you look at veterans, we’ve got veterans that are World War II, and we’ve got a few cars that are that far back.”

Memorial day might be just around the corner, however Hecimovich says that Armed Forces Day is an important holiday since it recognizes specific branches of the military.

Along with an elaborate display of vintage vehicles, veterans held a flag raising ceremony to remind people in the area just how important this day is.

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