Writer shares area stories on KKK

MASON CITY, Iowa – After writing about one of the most notorious hate groups of our time, one area writer is sharing her story and bringing it across borders.

Author Liz Hatle, is a Minnesota native who writes about the Ku Klux Klan and the influences they’ve had on Minnesota and Iowa politics.

Her book is titled “The Ku Klux Klan In Minnesota.”

Her story focuses on the wave of Klan members who began emerging in Minnesota, only to make their way south to develop in areas of north Iowa.

“They felt like they had control of their lives and their communities again and I can see where that would happen again. People hate losing control and having things change so you get into a group where you feel safe and protected and people have the same values and thought processes as you do,” said Hatle.

In her research Hatle discovered a long history of Klan activity since the infamous Duluth lynchings of the 1920’s. In total more than 80 cities throughout Minnesota featured clan activity of some kind.

“Some of the things that the klan did in the second revival in the 1920’s are some of the same things that we have problems with or people have problems with today. So some of those same social biases in the 1920’s with anti-immigration, anti-different culture, anti-different religion, you can translate into 2014,” said Hatle.

On a KIMT investigative report airing May 20, we look into the KKK’s involvement in Iowa from those directly involved with the group.

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