Keeping history alive

Reenacting the Civil War

NASHUA, Iowa – It’s a tradition that is trying to stand the test of time as crowds at civil war reenactments have dwindled over the years.

On Sunday, that certainly was not the case as hundreds of folks headed out to the Battle at Old Bradford in Nashua.

For those that regularly attend these reenactments, they know that it’s the love of history and the dedication of the reenactors that is keeping this tradition alive.

Richard Pohorsky, of Cedar Rapids, stood as the Commanding Col. for the Confederate army during the battle at Old Bradford.

Pohorsky has been reenacting civil war battles for a number of years and says that these mock battles are an important way of educating the public and keeping the history alive.

“It was such a pivotal point in our nation’s history and it is under-studied and really misunderstood,” he says.

Pohorsky says that one of the most difficult parts of the day is staying in character, however just like any other type of performance, staying true to the part is crucial in putting on a successful battle.


For more information on reenactments happening across Iowa and Minnesota, visit the Civil War Traveler for more.

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