‘Tunes for the Town’ piano destroyed in downtown

Painted piano destroyed by Des Moines man

MASON CITY, Iowa – An Iowa man spent the night behind bars after an early morning act of vandalism.

21-year-old Coltin Schupbach of Des Moines has been charged with 3rd degree criminal mischief, along with public intoxication, after tipping over one of the four painted pianos in downtown Mason City.

It happened just after 2:15 a.m. and Sgt. Dave Houser with the Mason City Police Department says that if it hadn’t have been such a busy night, they probably wouldn’t have found the person responsible as quickly.

“We always encourage the public to help us because there’s not very many of us out there so we need the public’s help,” Houser says, “In this case, it turned out that a bad situation was made a little better since we ended up finding out who was responsible for the damage and hopefully he’ll be held accountable for it.”

It was less than a week ago that these hand painted pianos were unveiled to the public and set on display.

The Mason City Chamber of Commerce had been working with area high school juniors on the “Tunes for the Town” project, and this was one of the four pianos created as a part of the collaboration.

Because the damage was so extensive, Houser says, We’re hopeful that something can be done to help make sure this doesn’t happen again.

“I would hope that they maybe secure them a little better,” he suggests, “and luckily, this was in front of a business that was open at the time, so you know there was some witnesses to this one.”

The piano is estimated to be worth $750.

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