National Hepatitis Testing Day

hepatitis testing-vo

KIMT News 3 – It’s a disease that affects about four million Americans and to help address the issue, today is National Hepatitis Testing Day.

The infectious disease can be transmitted through the transfer of blood.

Even more alarming, “Baby Boomers” are five times more likely to be at risk of having Hepatitis C.

One area infection specialist says, it’s a condition that requires everyone to be vigilante, since there are rarely any visual symptoms.

“Those born between 1946 and 1965 should be tested at least once in their life for Hepatitis C. People can have that virus for years without developing symptoms,” said Betty Krones, Infection Specialist with the Cerro Gordo County Department of Public Health.

Thirteen public health locations offer free testing for at-risk patients. Those who are considered high-risk include people who have ever injected drugs, injecting drug users who share needles or other equipment, persons who received blood, blood products, or organ transplants prior to 1992, or persons ever on long-term hemodialysis.

For all of these locations, click on the link below.

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