“No candy zone” at the North Iowa Band Festival

No candy zones at North Iowa Band Festival

MASON CITY, Iowa – It will be a big weekend for folks here at KIMT as the 76th annual North Iowa Band Festival kicks off in front of our station.

Many people in town come out to see the event, but there is a new change that folks should be aware of.

Mason City Chamber of Commerce officials and Band Festival committee members have announced that there will be a no candy zone from the beginning of the parade route on 3rd to just past the KIMT station on 1st and Pennsylvania Ave.

It’s a change most people won’t like to see, but officials like Tanner O’Brien say it’s a safer option.

“When band members are marching and really focusing on their performance, having the ability not to have to worry about children running out to pick up candy, or candy that they might trip on anything like that, it’s just something that we thought might be a good thing to do,” O’Brien says.

Another important thing that Mason City Police officials want spectators to remember is that no dogs are allowed along the parade route or in East Park from Friday through Monday.

This is also another safety measure that officials are taking to make sure everyone stays safe.

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