Stepping into a hectic summer

Tree Town Music Festival preparations

FOREST CITY, Iowa – This summer will no doubt be one of the biggest and most profitable for Forest City, and it’s all kicking off this weekend.

The city is hosting the Tree Town Music Festival, a weekend-long country music festival, which is expected to bring in more than 10,000 people to the area.

It’s a big weekend for the area, and it’s an even bigger weekend for Mac Tilberg who just moved into town and started his new job as city administrator this week.

He might be new to town, but Tilberg is up to date and ready to take on a busy summer in Forest City and his confidence comes in part from his strong and able staff.

“There is a wealth of experience in Forest City,” he says, “many employees have been here for 30 plus years, 20 plus years.”

That faith in experience has kept his spirits high throughout his first day as he has seen folks hard at work on the preparations for the festival that will more than triple the town’s population.

However, it’s all about planning and that’s something the RAGBRAI Forest City Chairman Gary Ludwig is all too familiar with.

“It will be new for him [Tilberg] but, all of our city employees, the mayor, the city employees, sanitation, the electrical I mean, everybody’s got, they’ve all got a job and they’ve accepted the responsibility and are really enthused about it,” Ludwig says.

They might all be enthused, but there is always the element of fear.

“I’ve only had a couple of sleepless night,” he says, “truly sleepless nights wondering how it’s all going to come out but, it’s all going to work.”

That positive thinking and hope in others is exactly how Tilberg is feeling heading into all of the major projects and no matter what happens, he just hopes it’s a successful weekend for the visitors.

“We’re making sure that we can put on a good show, and that the public is well accommodated and comes away from Forest City smiling and saying that was a fun place to be for the weekend.”

Tree Town Music Festival will begin on Friday and last throughout the weekend, and there will be a short window of a break before RAGBRAI riders and spectators flood into town on July 22nd.

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