Watering Tricycle

Watering Tricycle

CHARLES CITY, Iowa –  A local town is getting creative when it comes to watering their plants.

They’re using three wheels to get the job done. This isn’t your ordinary bike. Its Charles City’s newest watering tricycle.

The local FFA leader came up with the idea after he chatted with those who have recently planted flowers in the downtown. He decided to have this bike built, so that students could operate it this summer, and keep the flowers healthy.

“Pretty cool project, it really gives the kids a chance to give back to their community and get involved in community projects. Charles City’s a beautiful town and I think the kids have more of an appreciation for it for that reason,” said Jim Lundberg, FFA Advisor in Charles City.

It will take about an hour to water all the plants each day.

He says the community pitched in with grants to help build the trike.

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