Don’t let summer brain drain get your kids

Summer Learning

AUSTIN, Minn. – The school year is almost finished and while your kids may think it is time off from learning, it is actually a good time to keep them fresh for next year.

Area educators say the most important thing to do is have your children read. It does not really matter what they are reading, as long as they are doing it.

“Every child should read 30 minutes a day, seven days a week and it’s really easy to get that time in, if you just set aside a specific time. Take a book outside,” said Amy Baskin, Community Education Director for Austin Public Schools.

It is also important to monitor screen time. Limit the amount of time they are spending in front of the TV, and if they are using a tablet or computer, make sure they are doing something productive.

“You need that three-dimensional visual when you’re zero to five. Screen time as you get older if you’re using it in a positive way like reading or doing something in an educational way, it’s a little bit better,” Baskin said.

She said traveling to a vacation spot is another good chance to keep brains sharp. Bring a bag of toys, a book, or something productive so that your child is not watching a movie the whole time.

She also said each student is different, so talk to your child’s teacher to see what areas they should be focusing on.

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