Vandalized piano replaced on downtown plaza

Painted piano destroyed by Des Moines man

MASON CITY, Iowa – We told you over the weekend about a public piano that was tipped over and damaged in Mason City, just days after being placed.

Now, we’re hearing from some of the high school students who were a part of the Tunes for the Town Project.

They tell us they’re very disappointed to hear one was vandalized.

Police arrested a Des Moines man over the weekend thanks to witnesses who identified him.

But the students aren’t letting one person stop their project.

“We’ve had people tell us not to put it there because there’s a bar right there, but that’s honestly one of our top places because it’s next to a music store, it’s next to a mall and we feel like that’s just a good spot to have it. So we are going to try to keep it there again,” says Newman Junior, Nicole Hehr, who helped paint the pianos.

A replacement piano is being donated by a forest city man. it was delivered to the plaza this afternoon.

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