Another appeal fails for convicted murderer

Robert Hughes

ST. PAUL, Minn. – The Minnesota Supreme Court has rejected yet another appeal from a Freeborn County man convicted of killing his wife.  In 2006, Robert Michael Hughes was convicted of 1st degree murder for the shooting death of his wife Tammy at their home in Albert Lea.  Court documents show Tammy Hughes was beginning divorce proceedings against her husband and that Robert Hughes shot her, first in the back and then in the chest with a shotgun.  He was sentenced to life in prison.  In 2008, Hughes appealed his conviction in state court, and his claims were ruled “without merit”.  He filed a petition raising 18 grounds for postconviction relief in 2010.  His petition was denied without a hearing.  Hughes appealed that ruling, and was rejected. Hughes has also twice appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court, and been refused a hearing.  His most recent petition for postconviction relief was filed in 2013 and primarily focused on ineffective assistance of trial counsel.  That petition was again denied and Hughes, now 40 years old, appealed that ruling to the Minnesota Supreme Court, which has again ruled against him and affirmed his conviction.

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