‘Conserve and Save’ workshop

Conserve and Save Workshop

AUSTIN, Minn. – As the temperatures get warmer, you are probably looking to keep your house cooler. There are ways to do it without taking up too much energy.

Austin Utilities is holding their “Conserve and Save” workshop.

It is a chance for their customers to hear some common sense tips on how to cut down on the utility bills. Some are as simple as turning off the lights when you leave a room.

“It’s important for us, because we want to promote the conservation of energy throughout the year. Obviously in the summer time we want to conserve the electricity for the air conditioners and of course the heat in the winter time,” said Dave Thompson with Austin Utilities.

Those who attend the meetings get a $25 credit toward an at-home energy audit from Austin Utilities. They typically run $300 with a $50 co-pay.

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