Southern MN family finds themselves in a MNsure mix-up after learning the 13-year old is listed as the “responsible party”


A southern Minnesota family finds themselves in a MNsure mix-up. When an Albert Lea mom tried to get her son new glasses, she found out she’s not authorized to get that information, and the person who is may surprise you.

When Lori Nelson’s 7-year old son needed new glasses, she called to get his new U-Card information.

“They said, you’re not listed as the responsible party. Is there someone else that is listed?” Nelson explains. So, she gave them her husband’s name, but he wasn’t listed either. “We’re his parents, I don’t know who else it would be,” Nelson says.

She then gave the names of her two oldest boys, and found out, her oldest son Kyle was listed as the responsible party, but Kyle is only 13-years old.

“They said really? I said “Yeah, that’s Eric’s older brother and he’s only 13.” I said, “I don’t know why he’d be listed as the responsible party.”

Nelson was told to contact the Freeborn County Department of Human Services. The county told her they never heard of such a thing, and contacted MNsure to get to the bottom of it.

The MNsure help desk said they were aware of the problems like this and blamed a glitch in the system.

“MNsure was something that we had to do as people to get on this Obamacare and then it’s, they’re still working out glitches, like my 13-year old being a responsible party,” she says.

We reached out to MNsure. They wouldn’t comment on the Nelson’s situation specifically, but said they expected enrollment errors from both ends.

“Perhaps the consumer accidently or inadvertently listed somebody as an authorized person on the account or head of household when it should have been somebody else. We are happy to help people work through that. It may also be that an error was made on our end when the enrollment was taking place,” says Jenni Bowring-McDonough, with MNsure.

Regardless, she says situations similar to this one can be fixed. As for when that will happen, Nelson says she hasn’t been told.

“Hopefully there isn’t a serious situation where my 13-year old is left to be the responsible party with my 7-year-old.”

MNsure wants folks to know that if you discover an issue along these lines, to get in touch with them through their contact center.


MNsure Contact Center: 855-366-7873

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