Motorcycle awareness in high gear


KIMT News 3 – As motorcycles begin to hit the road, law enforcement say being aware is everyone’s responsibility.

Several accidents have already been reported in our area over the past week, including a deadly crash involving an SUV and a motorcycle in north Iowa.

Local sheriff’s say many drivers may not be prepared for the increased presence of motorcycles, leading to more collisions.

“It’s like, ‘that things been cooped up for three or four months and now it’s the perfect time, let’s get out there’ but you got to remember you’re not the only one out there and everyone’s up. Everyone is going out,” said Deputy Craig Lakose with the Cerro Gordo County Sheriff’s Office.

Clint Cordes has been riding for years and says like many, he always anticipates the first chance to get back on his bike and hit the road, but safety is always on his mind.

“I’m always paying attention and I never take anything for granted. I’m always watching what’s behind me as best I can. Both sides in front of me, I’m not visiting with a passenger on the back I’m not looking around, I’m paying attention to the road and the cars around me,” said Cordes.

It’s not the only concern law enforcement has, while wearing a helmet is not mandatory, some have mixed opinions on if they’re needed.

“I leave it up to the rider to decide if they want to wear the helmet or not doesn’t help I’m sure sometimes it does sometimes it probably doesn’t make any difference anyway,” said Cordes.

“Some say, it’s warm so forget the helmet, but it could save your life,” said Lakose.

Even though helmets are not mandatory in Iowa, Deputy Lakose says if driving at high speeds, the helmet can only do so much.

That makes it’s even more vital to keep a safe distance at all times and remember that more layers could help if you get into an accident.

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