Protecting your passwords


KIMT News 3 – With so much of our information online these days, having a unique password has never been more

EBay is just one of many companies who’ve fallen victim to online hackers.

A recent study on password security shows that more than 80 percent of websites have sub-par security.

51 percent did not lock accounts after 10 incorrect password entries and 43 percent accepted weak passwords like “password”.

Some say it should serve as a wake up call for anyone with information posted online.

“That’s very critical because with the tools that hackers can use right now there are programs that will generate words and try and get through that system to crack that password and if you don’t have security like that, that will lock you out, that program can keep running and running,” said Heath Heimer from Heath’s Computer Repair.

Apple is considered the best when it comes to password protection according to the study. They say with the amount of data stored in cloud storage, a breach could be catastrophic.

In the study, had the worst password policies, followed by Hulu and Overstock.

“That’s one of the first things I did this morning is change my EBay password. When you change your password, you want to use upper and lower case, symbols and numbers. The more complex it is, the harder it is to be cracked by a hacker,” said Heimer.

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