Be courteous when visiting lost loved ones this weekend

Lakewood Cemetery

ALBERT LEA, Minn. – Many people will be making their way out to area cemeteries to visit lost loved ones. Those who maintain those places ask that you do so with care.

They are reminding you that a lot of people will be out this weekend, so be sure to take it slow when driving through.

Rules vary depending on what cemetery you visit, so check on those before entering.

Some locations require that you clean up the plants you left no more than a week later. Others require that your plants be up on stands so that they do not get them with a mower or trimmer.

All in all, they just want you to be respectful of those around you.

“Be courteous, this is a pretty sacred place and those of us that volunteer to take care of the cemetery are pretty serious about it. We like to see it nice, which it is now, and keep it that way,” said Jay Johnsrud with the Lakewood Cemetery Association Board in Albert Lea.

He said they like to make sure plants are maintained and looking good.

“The main thing is to take care of their plants. People put plants and then they don’t take care of them and they get to looking pretty bad, so we like to see the plants taken care of on a weekly basis,” Johnsrud said.

If you are not able to maintain the plants on your own, he said check with a local greenhouse. Some will do it for a small annual fee.

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