Rochester Police investigating incident with gun

Police Lights Generic

ROCHESTER, Minn. – Authorities are investigation a gun incident in the Southeast part of town.

According to Rochester Police two brothers, ages 20 and 16, were walking with their dogs near KFC when they noticed a silver SUV with the windows down. Inside the vehicle were three black males, police say, and the brothers and those males got into some kind of argument. Once that finished, the brothers then walked away, being followed by the SUV authorities say. After a while the two brothers were stopped by two men inside the SUV who got out and confronted them. Police say one took out a gun and waved it around, threatening to kill the dogs. No actual shots were fired but law enforcement say the two victims were threatened before the SUV took off.

The suspects are being described as the following:

Suspect one, the driver- Black male late teens with a small afro style haircut

Suspect two, front seat- Late teens, black male, shaved head, black colored sweatshirt, tall and skinny

Suspect three, back seat- Black male late teens, gray shirt, small afro, white shoes


If you know any information, please contact police.

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