Think twice before you feed wild waterfowl


When you’re at a local park or by the lake it might be tempting to want to feed some of the ducks and geese, but the DNR is telling folks to think twice.

Feeding them human food, specifically white bread is not the best for the bird’s wellbeing.

The high carbohydrate food can cause deformity in the birds called “angel wing”, which is a disorder that causes the wings to un-naturally twist.

“Young ducklings or goslings get actually fed too much, too high calorie of a diet and they grow too fast and they outgrow parts of their bodies outgrow their wings and it becomes a life long deformity,” says Iowa DNR Waterfowl Research Technician, Alan Hancock.

Another issue is birds can un-naturally concentrate around areas like parks if they’re getting fed by people. Hancock says there is plenty of food for the birds in the wild.

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