Work vs. home stress

MASON CITY, Iowa –  Ryan White is a dad of three, so a day in the park is a good way to try and relax, but sometimes, he admits work can be a little less stressful than home.  “I guess it kind of depends. Some of the time it is work because I work nights as a registered nurse at the ICU, so sometimes it can be relaxing.  Kind of depends on my patients,” said White.

Oddly enough he’s not alone.  According to a recent study from the Pennsylvania State University, most people are more relaxed at work than at home.  White says he can see why sometimes.

“Maybe just because it’s the same thing which can be more relaxing. At home a lot of times, especially if you got kids, you’re running around doing something else,” said White.

Dr. Glen Hepker, says where you feel most relaxed isn’t a one size fits all situation.  It depends on what you’re coming home to.  “Happier work life than you do a home life than obviously you’re going to be more stressed possibly at home and vice versa. The ideal would be to be happy at both,” said Dr. Hepker.

He also says some ways to make life easier either at work or home is to narrow down what actually makes you more relaxed.  “If you like your work than that can be, so basically be more organized at home but that’s a tough one too,” said Dr. Hepker.

The study shows more women feel this way than men.  It also shows that even people who don’t have kids, find work more stress-free than home life.

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