Body found in lake


CERRO GORDO COUNTY, Iowa – In the early morning hours law enforcement discovered a body of a man in a north Iowa lake.

It happened around 3 o’clock Saturday morning. The Cerro Gordo County Sheriff’s Office responded to a missing person call near Farmer’s Beach in Ventura. When they arrived, they discovered the body of 26-year old David Caspers of Mason City.

Law enforcement says this is a tragic reminder to caution when on or near the water.

When sheriff deputies arrived at Farmer’s Beach, friends of Caspers said they had been fishing when they lost track of the 26-year old.

“As the deputies got on scene they were searching with the other friends there and then one deputy located the body in the water,” explains Deputy Craig LaKose.

After preliminary interviews of the individuals at the scene, law enforcement doesn’t suspect foul play and believes it was an accidental drowning.

“Alcohol was there, the friends said that he hadn’t had too much, but there was alcohol with them,” says LaKose.

This accident comes at the start of the unofficial kick off to summer boating season. Water patrols in Freeborn County are out on the lakes making sure folks remember those boating safety practices.

Matt Levorson is patrolling Fountain Lake in Albert Lea, checking for valid registration, life jackets and float cushions.

He’s also on the look out for alcohol on board. Although it’s legal to have booze on your boat and even drink while operating the craft in Minnesota, Levorson says it’s really best to avoid it.

“There really is no safe way to be drinking and operation a boat, not really. Anytime alcohol is involved it impairs your judgment, your reaction time, things like that. When you’re driving a boat it’s not like driving a car, there really is no safe way to do it,” he explains.

But for this holiday weekend, the lakes are fairly calm.

Levorson says so far this year he hasn’t had to write out any citations, but says they hand them out for a reason and it’s all about making sure everyone using the lakes stays safe.

As for the accident on Clear Lake overnight, authorities hope it becomes a wake up call for folks who plan on spending time on and around lakes this summer.

“It’s time to everybody wake up it’s the start, let’s don’t have anything happen bad you know, be cautions with the alcohol. If you’re boating have somebody else drive, know your limitations,” adds LaKose.

As Deputy LaKose mentioned, there is no foul play suspected in the tragic death of Caspers, but he says the incident is still under investigation.

Clear Lake Fire Department, Clear Lake Police Department, Garner Ambulance, Iowa State Patrol, Ventura Fire Department, and Medical Examiner Dr. Stephen Betz all assisted.

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