Remembering the importance of Memorial Day

Cemetery crosses for Memorial Day

MASON CITY, Iowa – Memorial Day weekend is a time for many to head back to their cabins and spend time with friends and family, however one group in north Iowa says the true meaning of the holiday is being forgotten.

On Saturday, dozens of volunteers headed to the Elmwood St. Joseph cemetery in Mason City to create a memorial for area veterans.

The American Legion Post 101 and an area Boy Scout troop spent the afternoon placing crosses and flags all across the front entrance of the cemetery.

The idea is to remind the general public about the importance of this national holiday and some of it’s focus should be on the men and women who died defending this county.

One of the veterans in charge of the event was Luverne Curry, a Vietnam veteran who says he hasn’t had the best success with folks taking time to thank him for his service.

He says this project is something he holds close to his heart because he knows that it is something the public will see and it could make a difference in the way they celebrate the weekend.

“Remember our comrades,” he says, “the ones who have fallen and who paid the ultimate sacrifice.”

More than 340 crosses and flags were set up in the cemetery, and of those, 22 were reserved and placed ahead of the clump under the flagpole at the cemetery.

This separate group was formed to honor and recognize the men and women who have died this year.

The memorial will be set up in Elmwood St. Joseph cemetery until 3:00 p.m. Monday afternoon.

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