Prepping pools for a safe summer

Preparing for a safe swimming season

MASON CITY, Iowa – Memorial Day weekend is a popular time for community pools to open up, but getting things up and running takes more than just filling the pool with water.

The Mason City Aquatic Center kicked off their season on Sunday, but it’s a kick off that has been 3 months in the making.

As the pool manager, it’s Valerie Cummings’ job to make sure that the winter didn’t take too much of a toll on their facility.

“We’ve been testing out our water slides and stuff this past week, just making sure everything is still running smoothly,” Cumming says.

Tests like this are a crucial part in kicking off a safe summer, especially after a recent incident of young girls being shocked by a metal railing after a breaker failed to support the wiring system of the pool lights.

The kids were temporarily paralyzed, however quick-acting adults on the scene rushed to their rescue and prevented the injuries from being much worse.

After this frightening story, Mason City recreation superintendent Brian Pauly says that he appreciates all of the overly thorough work they do before the pool opens.

“We checked all of the breakers,” he says, “and I test all of the lighting. We make sure all of the end caps are on the ladders to make sure that there are no incidences of cutting.”

While the winter was hard on many outdoor facilities, including the Mason City Aquatic Center, Pauly says that as of now, everything is up and running smoothly and they even have updates underway to their locker room plumbing system.

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