Gov. Branstad signs Home Base Iowa Act on Memorial Day


KIMT News 3 – “They’re definitely hard workers, they are dependable, they show up and stuff like that.  I think that’s the big thing that helps us with the veterans; is they’ve had that experience in their service,” says Army Veteran David Anderson of Lake Mills.

That kind of character is just one reason why Governor Branstad made the Home Base Iowa Act official today.

“It’s a very big honor to sign this Home Base Iowa bill on the 26th day of May here at Camp Dodge,” says Governor Branstad before putting his pen to paper.

The bill allows private companies to give veterans preference in hiring and promotions. Military pensions will also be exempt from state income taxes, and those in college will receive credit for their military experiences.

And there was no shortage of support for these efforts.

“I know of no time in Iowa history where such a substantial effort has been made by so many different groups to properly show our support and respect for our veterans,” says Branstad.

One local community in particular, goes the extra mile to honor those who serve our country.

“They just did a project in here town. These banners on our light posts have the actual veterans that are actually serving right now,” says Anderson.

He, among many other residents, recognizes the value in bring veterans to Iowa. He says this memorial, and new law, are just some of the ways the state welcomes those who have served.

“If it gives these veterans a chance to get back here and it gives them a job that they can actually help our state too, with their efforts,” says Anderson.

Governor Branstad says he wants to make sure Iowa is a leader in providing services and opportunities to our veterans, especially because they have already served us.

“These veterans that gave their lives, that’s the ones that gave us what we have today,” says Anderson.

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