Tree Town Music Festival brings in big numbers

Tree Town Music Festival brings in big business

FOREST CITY, Iowa – It was a busy weekend in Forest City as big name country artists made their way into town for the inaugural Tree Town Music Festival.

The event lasting from Friday evening until Sunday. Now that things have finally quieted down, businesses are taking a much needed rest and surveying their success from a very busy weekend.

Sid’s Gas and Convenient store was in the perfect location to help re-stock festival goers, and one store clerk says that their location was what made this weekend an overwhelming success.

Chance Downs was one of the many clerks on duty this weekend and she says that while nothing got too out of hand, it was a difficult task just to make sure the shelves stayed stocked.

“One morning there was about $5,000 something just in the till alone,” she exclaimed, “and that doesn’t include debit cards or anything.  I mean, people were coming in like left and right and we had the whole placed filled; it was like a zoo in here.”

Forest City is home to 4,000 north Iowans so adding an additional 30,000 to the area was hectic to say the least.

Sunscreen, water and ice were among the most popular items this weekend and the food that they routinely make in their establishment was being made for the masses.

Downs says that she has never seen business like the mad rush that she saw this weekend, but now that they have this year under their belts, they’re already thinking of ways to prepare for next year.

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