Cattleman’s restaurant relocating after tornado

It’s been nearly one year since a tornado struck the town of Belmond. Many things were destroyed, including a popular local restaurant.

Cattleman’s Steaks and Provisions was considered a total loss after the storm.

But now, the owners have decided to start fresh, and re-open their steak house in a new location.

Owners DuWayne and Deb Abel say the past year has been a difficult one.

After the initial shock of the devastation, the couple wasn’t sure what they would do with the restaurant they’d been running for more than 30 years.

“Maybe that was part of the shock in the beginning. We really did not figure on doing something else and so you had to decide, do we start over or do you just find something different,” says Deb Abel.

But eventually they decided to relocate and run the same place out of a new location. That’s when the Belmond Country Club offered to sell the couple their building.

“Our hope is that we can upgrade the facility a bit and be able to utilize it as a restaurant and carry on for the membership to be able to provide a good facility for them,” adds DuWayne Abel.

Cattleman’s is currently operating from the basement of the Country Club and although they’re only open a few days a week and have a limited menu, they’re just happy to start somewhere.

Right now construction crews are working on a new entrance for the building as well as expanding the kitchen area.

The Abel’s, as well as the community of Belmond hope that they can return to normal very soon.

“For 51 years there’s always been some place the community has gone to, they grew up with, they’ve taken families to when they’ve come home for visits. So I know that they’ve really missed it and they’re looking forward to having a place,” adds Deb.

The initial goal when construction began was to re-open cattleman’s by the end of spring. But things are taking a little longer to get done.

The Abel’s hope they can be back up and running with a full kitchen by the end of summer.

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