Government Center to add security measures

Govt Center Security

AUSTIN, Minn. – The Mower County Government Center has been undergoing renovations for a little while now, and they have added some new things to the “to-do” list to beef up security.

Work has been taking place that helped move the county’s health and human services into the building from its old place in the Oak Park Mall.

Now county leaders say they will be adding safety windows to all counters in each office. Getting behind the counters would only be accessible with an electronic key card.

It is a way for the employees to have a little extra time to get to a safe area if a situation takes place.

“We have some departments that are pretty low-risk we would say, however, there could be people that walk by those offices, maybe come out of another office and they’re not very happy, so we have to protect those offices too,” said Mower County Coordinator Craig Oscarson.

He said these measures come with the times.

“It’s just a sad commentary about society nowadays. Is it because we have a lot more mental illness today? I don’t know. It just seems you’re seeing more and more of these issues out there in society,” Oscarson said.

He said the windows may be a bit of a burden for customers, but the employees’ safety will trump that any day.

He said they do not really have a price set aside for the project, but he said that the window and counter setup in his office area is about $3,500.

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