Jacobs eyeing senate spot

KIMT News 3 – In our continuing coverage of the US Senate race in Iowa, we sat down with candidate Mark Jacobs on his campaign trail.

Jacobs is one of five republicans eyeing their party’s nomination for the US Senate seat currently held by Democrat Tom Harkin.

Harkin is stepping down after this term.

Jacobs says his previous experience as a successful business owner will help him better understand how to better improve our economy today.

“I really tried to offer very thoughtful ideas. I’m the only candidate in this race that’s offered a concrete jobs plan of how we create an environment in this country that’s going to allow the private sector to grow more quickly so that we can offer the jobs. I’m the only candidate in this field that has offered very specific ideas,” said Jacobs.

The primary elections will be held on June 3.

“In 2002, I had the opportunity to join a company that was on the verge of bankruptcy and be a part of a senior leadership team to help turn that around. While we do have good candidates in the field, I’m the only one in this race that has real-world experience and turning around a big fiscal mess. I think that’s what’s needed in Washington today,” said Jacobs.

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