Sunscreen season is upon us

KIMT WEB Covering Your Health

Did you get a sunburn over the holiday weekend? With the summer right around the corner, medical professionals want to remind folks of the risks of sun exposure.

According to research, skin burns from the sun, especially during childhood can put you at a higher risk for developing skin cancer later in life.

Nurses at Mercy Medical Center North Iowa suggest folks wear sunscreen when they’re outside for more than 30 minutes.

They also want to make sure folks are using the sun block properly, including applying it 30-60 minutes before sun exposure.

“You really want to give your skin time to soak that up and a lot of people make the mistake of not putting on enough and you want to put on enough, just like lotion. When you put lotion on your skin, that you really are covering your skin well, especially the shoulders and face,” says Amy Wyborny, Health Line Clinical Leader.

Another thing to remember is to wear sun block even when the sun is not out. That’s because the UV rays can make their way through the clouds.

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