Visiting doctors from Russia


MASON CITY, Iowa – Doctors from Russia are in north Iowa hoping to learn some lessons they can take back home.

Each doctor visiting today is a part of the open world leadership program.

It’s designed to give people from different cultures an understanding of American culture.

“Considering that nowadays drug abuse and any kind of alcoholism is a huge issue in every society, we are really pleased to have an opportunity to visit this facility and see how things run and how people work on prevention of those diseases,” said Zarina Imashamilovna Usayeva, Chief of Internal Medicine of Grozny City.

The group will be making their next stop at Mayo Clinic in Rochester.

With an incredible number of specialists at Mayo Clinic, the group says they learn different ways to motivate schools to teach more than just generals.

As part of the Muslim community in Chechnya, these doctors don’t see alcohol abuse nearly as frequent as in the United States.

They say it makes it all the more vital to learn how addiction specialist oversee their patients.

On Thursday, the group is set to tour Mitchell County Regional Health Center.

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