9,800 troops to stay in Afghanistan


KIMT News 3 –  President Obama announced an agenda today to bring the war in Afghanistan to a close, but maybe not soon enough for some.

The the U.S. will keep 9,800 troops in Afghanistan into 2015.

Obama says by the end of that year, the United States troop presence will be reduced by half.

Even the President says that we have been in Afghanistan longer than most Americans expected.

“Thousands of our brave service members have sacrificed their lives in Afghanistan, and tens of thousands more have sustained serious injury. We should be bringing all of our troops home, not continuing to put hearly 10,000 of them in harm’s way halfway around the world. It’s long-past time the Afghan people were in control of their own future,” says U.S. Representative Bruce Braley.

However, transporting them back is a larger task than many may think, which is why the Iowa National Guard is ready.

“Much like we saw the draw down at Iraq, where it takes quite a bit of time to move United States forces out of a theater of operations, a lot of transportation assets, certainly the Iowa National Guard is ready in the event that they need additional transportation or other assets in order to help draw down the Afghanistan theater,” says Col. Greg Hapgood with the Iowa National Guard.

By the end of 2016, Obama says all troops will be withdrawn and home safe.

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