Dog owners, beware

Ramsly the dog

GARNER, Iowa –  Many pet owners don’t just consider their animals pets, but part of the family. So if they were to run away it would be heartbreaking.

That’s what happened to Drew Doyle from Garner. His dog Ramsly was his life.

“He’s an ambitious dog, very smart. He always would love to lie in bed with me even though he knows he wasn’t supposed to,” said Doyle.

Monday, Doyle took Ramsly outside and Ramsly took off. Moments passed, and finally Doyle and his mother decided to go looking for the dog.

It was a final stop by their neighbor’s house that’s tragically cleared things up.

“I asked her, and I looked her right in the eye and said do you know which way he went? She wouldn’t answer me. I specifically asked her if they killed him or shot him or, if they have him locked up with their other dogs they have over there .She said no, she shot him,” said Doyle.

When we stopped over to the neighbor’s house to get their side of what happened, they issued a written statement.

In the statement they state they are sorry for what happened.

They say the dog was mangy looking, had no collar, and was harassing their livestock on their property. They want this to be a reminder to always keep a collar on your pet.

What may come as shocking though, is that while what happened is unfortunate it isn’t illegal.

Right now there are two Iowa codes in place that deal with this exact situation. The first one says it is lawful for any person or peace officer to kill a dog because their rabies vaccination tag is not attached to the collar, or because the collar is not there. Secondly, the other law says it is lawful for any person to kill if their rabies vaccination tag is attached to the collar, but the dog is maiming, chasing, or killing an animal or fowl, or its biting a person.

For Doyle, no matter what the law is, watching your dog be shot, burned, and suffer will be a memory he’ll never forget.

According to the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office no charges are pending at this time.

The case is still under investigation.

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