Troubles with trash at Britt compost site

Yellow couch dumped off at compost site

BRITT, Iowa – Trash troubles are piling up at a new compost site in Britt.

Folks in the area have been dropping off their garbage, recyclables and even furniture on these grounds, instead of the grass clippings, leaves and other yard waste the facility is meant to be used for.

City leaders say that dumping garbage is, in fact illegal and if this is something that continues on the site, local authorities could eventually become involved.

John Madson is the public works director for the city, and the one in charge of keeping the compost site trash free.

He says that while he wants to continue to encourage folks to use the resource, he just hopes people will learn how to use it properly.

“A lot of people will think that this is just a place that they can dump anything they don’t want anymore,” Madson says, “and it’s not. Like I said, we will remove your vegetation and stuff, and tree branches, but not your garbage.”

Officials say they are planning on posting more signs at the compost site to alert the public of what they can and cannot dispose of, and they hope that these will help clear up any potential confusion.

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