County gets involved with infestation

Cockroach Infestation

AUSTIN, Minn. – Cockroaches are taking over a southern Minnesota apartment building and now the county is involved.

Residents at an apartment building in northwest Austin came to Mower County Environmental Services asking for some help.

This week the board approved a plan to have the health workers further investigate the problem.

“We could’ve taken action that day when the county stepped in and just took over. I thought it was more important that we go out and actually see the problem for ourselves. They had provided some photos, but who knows, the photos could’ve been from anywhere,” said Mower County Commissioner Tony Bennett.

He said a plan to fix the problem will have to be in place in the next two weeks for the landlord.

“The thing about cockroaches is you can go in and eradicate them, the tenants change and you’re going to have them again. From what I understand in these types of buildings it’s going to be an ongoing battle, it’s not that you’re ever going to be rid of them,” Bennett said.

If everything goes as planned, Bennett said they will be able to turn it back over to the landlord with no fines.

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