HSED students receive their diploma


MASON CITY, Iowa – “It feels amazing, took me a long time to get here and a lot of stress and struggle so I’m very proud,” says graduate Katrina Guhl.

She had a pretty big push to go back to school and get her high school equivalency diploma.

“A couple years ago my grandfather died and one of our last conversations was go finish school and move forward, so I kind of finally am holding up to my promise and I’m here,” says Guhl.

But it wasn’t necessarily a smooth road to get to this point. Guhl had her obstacles, which came in the form of numbers.

“Well, I tried on and off for several years and when I would get to math, I would just quit. I don’t like math,” says Guhl.

Despite her dislike for the subject, when it came to test time, she made her grandfather proud.

“They called me in the last couple days of testing and said just go test and hopefully you’ll pass and I did,” says Guhl.

She walked across the stage after passing her GED test while some of her classmates took the HiSET, the new standard for high school equivalency testing in Iowa.

“This is the final year that the state of Iowa, not just NIACC, will be using the GED exam,” says Adult Education and Literacy Coordinator Sandra Leake.

She says there are some differences. Several students and staff say the math and science sections are more difficult, while another difference deals with subject areas.

“The new GED actually has reading and writing combined, but the HiSET is kind of like the old GED in that it has those 5 subject areas,” says Leake.

No matter the test, those who went back to receive their high school diploma say it’s well worth it.

“It is very rewarding, I would extend anybody to go back,” says Guhl.

Now that she has that diploma, the skies the limit!

“I enrolled here at NIACC and I start in the fall. I’m going for human services or social work. I guess that’s always the hope, to continue. to just to keep moving forward and doing better,” says Guhl.

If you want more information on the HiSET, click on this link: http://www.niacc.edu/learning-support/adult-literacy/high-school-equivalency-diploma-hsed/

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