Meet your candidates

KIMT News 3 – The upcoming primary elections are less than a week away, but before the polls open, we’re giving you a look at the candidates.

Tonight we’re introducing you to Scott Schaben and Matt Whitaker.

They are two of the five Republicans running for the GOP nomination during the June 3, Primary.

The winner will go up against Democrat Bruce Braley for the open US Senate seat in Iowa.

The election has drawn national attention too, as Republicans are trying to gain the six seats needed to capture the majority in the Senate.

Schaben says while all the candidates are qualified, what sets him apart is his realistic approach.

“I’m probably the most pragmatic of the few. I understand what can and cannot be done. I don’t try to provide somebody lip service for something that’s just not even possible. I don’t change my mind on stuff I’ve been very honest and straightforward,” said Schaben.

Former US Attorney and business owner, Matt Whitaker says his biggest concerns have been helping to create more jobs in rural areas.

He’s also looking at ways to help stimulate the economy.

Whitaker says there are certain values he believes our country needs to return to.

“I’m running on a platform of freedom from the affordable care act which. I see directly as a small business owner, as a wet blanket on the nation’s economy. I’m running on a platform of standing for economic freedom and then finally I’m working on standing up for religious freedom which I think this administration continues to infringe upon,” said Whitaker.

We have also reached out to candidate Joni Ernst, but because of scheduling issues, she will not have time to sit down with us.

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