Who’s watching your kids?


KIMT News 3 – While it’s great to get your kids active this summer, all the time off, has some parents wondering who is watching the kids during those activities?

Summer fever is catching on, and for some students, enjoying the warm weather any way they can is key to enjoying the outdoors.

It’s fun, but it’s also chaperoned fun.The question for parents is, how do you determine who watches the kids while you’re away?

“You find those places that will actually have your kids outside, running, going to the swimming pool, going to local attractions and just having that interaction,” said Brian Pauly, Coordinator with Mason City’s Parks and Recreation.

Brian says he’s disappointed in how much research and effort may go into buying a new appliance, but not into who’s taking care of your children.

“We’ll do months of research, but sometimes I’ve heard people making snap decisions. I like this ad, so we’ll go there and that baffles me because they’ll take more time on that instead of doing the proper research and asking those questions,” said Pauly.

“One thing that they can look at is, are they accredited with the ACA? The American Camping Association is the association that accredits. That doesn’t mean other programs are not quality, but it means those camps agreed to meet a higher standard,” said Malisa Rader.

Malisa Rader is a Family Life specialist with Iowa State University Extension.

She says there are some basic traits parents can look for in their summer care-takers that could help give them peace of mind.

“Parents probably ask other parents, who has been a good coach, who was a good care-taker for my child? However, they maybe aren’t going to that next step further that they need to. What is this person’s background, do I know much about this person, what more do I need to find out?” said Rader.

For more information on what qualities you should be looking for, visit the site below:


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