Historic building gets face-lift


NORTHWOOD, Iowa – It’s been considered one of the most endangered historic homes in Iowa and today we’re getting our first look at their renovation project.

The Stromstein Building in Northwood is getting a well needed face-lift.

The Worth County Historical Society is continuing its full restoration of the building. By the 1950’s, the balcony was removed and the storefront flattened but today’s new additions include replacing the balcony as well as a new facade.

It’s a new look but they say they hope to keep the building as genuine to it’s more than 110 year-old roots.

“This was a huge step getting this front done. We’re going to be working on the sides here in the next couple of months, so it’s just going to be a huge transformation for this building. I mean we were talking about earlier when they pull down the front remembering that way back six or seven years ago, when they said they were going to burn the building down,” said Margaret Bishop with the Worth County Historical Society.

The society is working with a construction firm on this project. It’s being funded by grants from the city of Northwood, as well as the worth county development authority.

They say preliminary plans are to have the project finished by July 4.

“It’s been kind of fun to see people especially today, pull-up and stop and take a look at it. We had people stop and say they remember so-and-so when they first got married or living upstairs so were starting to hear a lot of stories about the actual history of the building,” said Bishop.

The society will host a free-will donation open house in the plaza and building during Founder’s Day in September.

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