Republicans endorse Jeff Johnson for Governor race

Minnesota GOP Convention continues

The Minnesota Republican party has endorsed Hennepin County Commissioner Jeff Johnson. He got more than 90% of the vote.



ROCHESTER, Minn. – Saturday rounded out day two of the Minnesota Republican State Convention in Rochester.

So far in the convention, Minnesota Republicans voted to endorse investment banker Mike McFadden for U.S. Senate.

The ballots continue to come in for the GOP endorsement for governor as members of the GOP Party have not come to an agreement on their representative for the gubernatorial race in November.

There are four in the running for the endorsed position; former State Rep. Marty Seifert, Sen. Dave Thompson, Hennepin County Commissioner Jeff Johnson and special education teacher Rob Farnsworth.

After the first round of ballots, Johnson took the lead with 32 percent of the votes, followed by Thompson with 30 percent, Seifert with 29 percent and Farnsworth with only 8 percent of the votes.

In order to receive the endorsement, a candidate must receive at least 60 percent of the votes

While most say their main focus will be on fixing the health care system they each have their own agendas and hot button issues to get across to the voters.

“We are going to laser-focus this campaign and the Thompson administration on making sure every child in Minnesota has access to a good education,” says Sen. Thompson.

Education is also on the other candidates’ radar however, Johnson believes that it’s the job climate in the state that needs some extra attention.

“The jobs climate in the state is the biggest issue for me,” he says, “we are not competitive with the states that surround us right now, we are not creating new businesses and the numbers show that we really need to make some changes to really increase the jobs in the state.”

Former State Rep. Marty Seifert says that education, health care and most importantly, the issue of the high tax rates in the state, will be the main focuses of his campaign.

“We are now the number three highest tax state in the United States and we are becoming an outlier,” he says.

The convention is still underway at the Mayo Civic Center in Rochester, but we will be updating this story with the results as they become available.

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