Riding to remember Evelyn Miller


Five-year-old Evelyn Miller went missing from her Floyd home in 2005, and shortly after, her body was recovered from the Cedar River.

In 2012, Casey Frederiksen, Evelyn’s mother’s boyfriend, was charged with her murder

Saturday, hundreds of Iowans are gathering to honor the little girl with a motorcycle ride, which made a stop at her memorial in Floyd.

100 balloons were released at Evelyn’s memorial Saturday afternoon, to remember the little girl who was taken too soon.

We had a chance to speak with the family of Evelyn, who say even after so many years, events like this never get any easier.

“Well it’s been 10 years since Evelyn Miller was murdered, but every year, they always remember her in some way or another,” explains Evelyn’s Grandmother, Linda Christie.

More than a hundred people came out in support of Evelyn Miller and other children who are either missing or have died too soon.

Proceeds from the ride will go directly to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. This is the second annual ride.

“A few years ago when the girls from Evansdale came up missing and then ultimately were found deceased, it struck a chord with everybody. Everyone has a child that they care about; this is our chance to take care of those children,” says organizer Sharon Stone-Husmann, who is the District 16 Coordinator, ABATE for Iowa.

This year’s event is almost double the size of the ride from a year ago.

“We’re going to keep doing this until we don’t have to do it any longer,” adds Stone-Husmann.

As for Evelyn’s family, they were hoping to get some closure earlier this month when the trial of Casey Frederiksen, the man accused of murdering the 5-year-old, was supposed to begin. That however has been pushed back until September.

“You just take it one day at a time. I planned my victim’s statement, I write it down, and then I rewrite it. But I’m going to lower the boom; it’s going to be something that nobody expects,” says Christie.

Christie plans on sitting in the courtroom for every day of the trial of her granddaughter’s murder.

She does now however want to be in court on the day the autopsy photos are shown, she prefers to remember Evelyn as she was in life, not death.

“I want them to remember what a very special soul she was,” she adds.

In addition to paying tribute to Evelyn Miller, the fun run also recognized Johnny Gosch, who has been missing since his abduction in 1982 in West Des Moines. Casey Frederiksen’s trial is set to begin on September 15th in Webster City.

His trial was moved out of Floyd County due to fears of finding an impartial jury.

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